Seychelles celebrates its National Protected Areas Day.

The Seychelles Islands

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On this day each year we focus on the amazing biodiversity and beauty of Seychelles’ natural environment, and we strengthen our resolve to nurture and protect it for the well-being of current and future generations of Seychellois and visitors to the islands.

Since the establishment of the first Protected Area in Seychelles, the St Anne Marne National Park on 19th March 1973, the Government of Seychelles has remained committed to the designation of new Protected Areas,
to date;
• The government has a goal of 400,000 km2 of marine designations by 2020 and is on track to reach this target.
• Seychelles has legislated over 177447 km2 for zone 1 (relating to high biodiversity with strict protection status) and 173468 km2 for zone 2 (relating to medium biodiversity sustainable use areas).
• Implementation of these additional marine protection areas identified through the Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan will start in 2021.

Video by: GOS-UNDP-GEF Programme Coordination Unit

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